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Meet Katherine

Katherine Connor DPT, Hatch Physical Therapist

Hello! I am so happy our paths have crossed. I am a doctor of physical therapy, specializing in infant development and pelvic health for women and children. 


In the 8 + years I have worked with women and children, my respect and awe for mothers and their babies’ development continues to deepen. I have dedicated my career to helping women and children thrive in their physical well-being during pregnancy, postpartum, infancy, and beyond. I've come to know the 4th trimester as a pivotal time for mother and baby to develop the intricacies of their relationship. 


I know because I am a mother, too. I am here to listen to your concerns, find the root cause of symptoms, and foster healing and growth without the stress of leaving home. 


My own transition into motherhood sparked a fire to create a safe and comfortable space to serve mothers, babies, and children. To support YOU. 


I foster a holistic treatment approach, shaped through extensive coursework taught by world-renowned physical therapists including Mary Massery and Susan Blum, and through the Hermann and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. Additionally, I've completed training in pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction, tethered oral tissues (tongue/lip tie), breastfeeding conditions, and infant and early childhood development. 


Within the walls of my own home, I am the mother to 2 rambunctious boys who keep me on my toes! I embrace the mess and chaos that come with them; some days more gracefully than others. I enjoy crafting, yoga, playing piano, warm vanilla lattes, and anything outdoors! Our family enjoys annual trips to the beautiful Washington Coast to visit loved ones.


 Thank you for trusting me and welcoming me into your home.

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